YACHT / White Rainbow

“Precisely programmed digital ear candy.” — Rolling Stone
“BEST NEW MUSIC” — Pitchfork
“Their music is partisanal cotton candy: one part Tom Tom Club, one part Yoko Ono.” — The New Yorker
“Don’t miss the boat on YACHT.” — The FADER
“The energy they brought, the aerobic choreography, the propelling beats, and the catchy repetitive mantras
were irresistible.” — Vanity Fair

Triangle lovers, electro talent heavies, and self-professed “band, belief system, and business”— aquatic musical egos YACHT (DFA Records) showcase their eclectic and cutting-edge blend of avant-pop, playful electronics and acoustic percussion as they tour in their Korean debut. Conducted by band members Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans (Portland, Oregon), YACHT’s extensive resume boasts a European tour with indie elites Yeah Yeah Yeahs, collaborations with New York City’s New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. The ambitious See Mystery Lights, is being touted as one of “Best New Albums” by online musical authority/bible Pitchfork.

The songs on See Mystery Lights– from the bouncy, burbling you-can’t-take-it-with-you screed “The Afterlife” (which plays like a less spastic companion piece to the Mae Shi’s “Run to Your Grave”) to the roller rink-ready vocoder vocals of “I’m In Love With a Ripper”– represent YACHT at their most poppy. It’s a collection of stone jams that finds the band finally as hellbent on experimenting and expanding the boundaries of its sonic scope as it is on having fun. Built on electronic foundations– laser effects, skittering computerized beats, and spacey synth lines (or guitar riffs that have been tuned or distorted to sound like synths)– these new songs are giddy with creative freedom while remaining tethered in service of their melodies. The vocal melodies are bright and buoyant, but delivered (by either band member, or in unison) in a chanted, oftentimes detached monotone that plays up the repetitive lyrics’ mantra-like feel and adds a welcome undercurrent of slacker cool to their otherwise sugary optimism.
Music: http://www.myspace.com/yacht

White Rainbow (Kranky) is the solo moniker of Portland-based experimental/psychedelic musician Adam Forkner. Forkner’s artistic outputs, including the freshly released album New Clouds platform his enormous musical spectrum which encompasses textures of “blissful space somewhere between dream pop, drum circles, psychedelic rock, and avant-garde electronics.” The music is stunning in capturing audio polarities; a tribal sound balanced with modern aesthetic, altogether intricate yet spacious. Forkner’s startlingly emotive sound has garnered him musical collaborations as instrumentalist and producer to an impressive selection of indie’s finest including Dirty Projectors, Atlas Sound and YACHT.

@ The Basement FACEBOOK
15,000 won, 20,000won Door   tickets available at Blowfish or The Basement

11/20 Seoul Seoul Seoul Seoul Seoul Seoul
10-11pm ssssighhhhborgggg
11-12am White Rainbow (live set)
12am-130am YACHT (live set)
130-5am YACHT + White Rainbow DJ teamup Danceathon

Students 20,000 (with valid student ID)
Door 30,000


11/21 Daegu Daegu Daegu Daegu Daegu Daegu FACEBOOK
@ SKYY Bar
15,000w, Pre-sale info

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