BBQ \\(Mark Sultan solo set)

Important Announcement!
Due to last-minute collisions and circumstances in Daegu, including: a wrecked-up apartment, injuries sustained from slipping in beer and a 3-hour talk with a monk, King Khan & BBQ CANNOT finish their tour, and “The King Khan and BBQ Show” is officially finished!
BBQ promised he’d finish the tour alone– then played one show in Busan solo. In Seoul, later, seeing Khan again ignited animosity and bitterness and in a paranoid rage he renig’d on playing a solo set, much to the ire of fans who still wanted to see him, solo.  After reducing ticket price for the solo show we had to FURTHER reduce the ticket price after this last minute pull-out, causing unnecessary financial burden for our collective and remaining bands.
Upon leaving Korea, we’ve heard King Khan has sought help and hopefully got some rest.

BBQ will perform a cross-section of material, mainly focusing on the many hits he wrote and sang for ‘The King Khan & BBQ Show’ (Waddlin’ Around, Third Ave, Shake Real Low, and a million others), but also will pepper in a few solo