“…Thick songs built around left-field ideas, positively fat with melodic content—physically shake the record, and sheets of notes would probably spray out like a colorful rain of tonal Skittles”
– The Onion, A.V. Club

Dan Deacon: Psychedelic Maestro, Hopeless romantic” Baltimore Sun

“noise rock” that taps directly into the great lineage of batshit bubblegum pop”
– Pitchfork

Dan Deacon has found a wonderfully individual style of maximalism, a prysmic, childlike, no-holds-barred expression of an internal world that is rammed with wonder.” – The Quietus

Dan Deacon is a guy, a composer, an electronic musician, and a founding member of music and arts collective Wham City! . His music is bursting at the seams with wild sounds and an almost OCD attention to detail- a constantly evolving panorama of sounds= trippy, jaunty, hallucinatory stuff. He fuses strange rap, chants, noises, video games, fun and bizarre electronica to create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of sound.

Veteran of many bands and projects spanning the musical spectrum, he is currently signed to Carpark Records (with Label-mates including Toro y Moi). Deacon is an electro pop genius who is particularly famed for his live performances. He translates the blazing madness of his music into no-holds-barred live extravaganzas, with audience participation being high priority. Overflowing with charisma, His fervour for music of all types is impossible to deny and his albums and shows serve as a passionate exaltation of sound.

오늘밤 친구들과 전자음악에 미친듯이 춤추고 싶다면 답은 하나다. 댄 디콘(Dan Deacon), 그가 바로 그 답이다. 그는 볼티모어를 근거지로한 아트 무브먼트 ‘왬시티(Wham City!)‘의 멤버로서 현재 뉴욕에서 가장 뜨거운 조명을 받는 전자음악 뮤지션이다. 전자음악이 가질 수 있는 폐쇄적이고 복잡한 소리가 아닌 전자오락에나 나올법한 친숙한 전자음부터 실제악기까지 다양한 소스를 적절히 조합하여 만든 그의 음반은 데뷔와 동시에 평단의 호평을 받았다. 첫번째 앨범 ‘Spiderman of the Rings’는 피치포크 평점 8.7을 받으며 그해 피치포크뮤직페스티벌을 화려하게 장식했고, 두번째 앨범 ‘Bromst’ 또한 전작보다는 다소 로맨틱한 느낌을 지니며 더욱 정갈해진 사운드로 다양한 팬층을 확보하게 되었다. 그의 뮤직비디오는 왬시티의 또다른 일원인 Jimmy Joe Roche와의 작업으로 다양한 비디오이펙팅을 선보이며 또 다른 주목을 받기도 했다. 누구에게나 친근하게 다가갈 수 있는 일렉트로니카씬의 새로운 바람 댄 디콘. 이번 SCS를 통해 처음으로 내한하는 그의 공연에서 그 바람을 당신의 함성으로 느껴보길 바란다.



January 27, Fri Busan Vinyl Underground 10PM 18,000W Presale, 25,000W Door
January 28, Sat Seoul, Rolling Hall , 11PM 25,000/ 30,000W
Opening, Yamagata Tweakster

ON SALE DECEMBER 15th, 11AM- FREE PRISM GLASSES for all 1st day sales!
12월15일 오전11시부터 예매시작! 이날 하루동안 예매하신 모든 분들에게는 SCS의 PRISM GLASSES를 드립니다.


BUSAN // ADVANCE 18000 DOOR 25000
SEOUL // ADVANCE 25000 DOOR 30000
Wire money to : Shin Han Bank 100-026-821308 Acct name: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼)
After wiring, send an email to scstickets@gmail.com with:
1. your name 2. number of tickets 3. mobile no.

Send money to : paradeofairships@yahoo.com
Make sure to include number of tickets and your mobile no.

티켓 예매: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼) / 신한 100-026-821308 입금 후 scstickets@gmail.com 으로:
1. 이름 2. 연락처 3. 티켓 구매 수와 금액

*No jerks
*No minors (but not to say we are lumping in minors with jerks, although it’s not impossible that someone falls into the overlap in the venn diagram overlap between jerk and minor)
*No refunds (I don’t really know how to explain this one, just you need to learn to jump in with both feet)


Sponsored by GOD and LAVA


    1. I’ve been checking almost every day. The suspense is killing me. Do you have any idea of when I can get tickets? I MUST see this show.

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